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Client Services

Our portfolio of services enables us to meet your company's staffing needs across all divisions and departments, across market sectors, from administrative to technical and professional roles. . Call RiteResumes today to tap our pool of high caliber qualified professionals.

Whether you need a short-term or long-term staffing solution, our recruitment and rigorous assessment of candidates will help you find the right person for the job and save you time and money, giving you a crucial edge during the economic downturn.

In the end, our client companies' success is our success. RiteResumes can offer you the following:

 Full-time/Direct Hire: We have some of the highest quality talent in the marketplace on our books. Let us send you the cream of our crop to help you fill your permanent positions and give both you and your new employee a seamless employment transition.

Temporary Hire: We can meet temporary employment needs varying in duration from as little as four hours to many months and allow our client companies time-sensitive and flexible staffing assistance. Many of our candidates enjoy the variety of work experience provided by working on a temporary hire basis, and we have some first class individuals on our books.

Payroll Service: RiteResumes offers a full payroll service, managing a client's payroll and assuming the full administrative burden. Many of our clients take advantage of this service, particularly with respect to temporary hires.

Headhunting: Traditionally headhunting has been used to recruit senior management or board level positions. High profile, talented people are usually already employed and difficult to recruit. They have to be approached discretely and sensitively. This increasingly applies to other areas where the talent pool is limited and special skills need to be brought in through special means. We are an unseen power behind our client's success. Our headhunter services benefit our clients in ways that are of competitive significance to them, both as individuals and as corporations.


RiteResumes puts savvy employers ahead of the competition by offering the most comprehensive applicant screening service on the market and an exciting new platform for executive hiring. We seamlessly integrate video technology into the interview process.  Research has identified an ongoing recruitment dilemma. One in two candidates is found to be unsuccessful at a face-to-face interview within minutes of introduction. But our innovative service eliminates this risk, saving you valuable time and money. Our service is designed to:   

- Save you time and cut your HR budget, by pre-screening candidates using our professional video interviews, taking literally minutes, before investing in a face-to-face interview.

- Provide Hiring Managers with deeper candidate insight earlier in the interview process, by viewing a candidate's character and communication skills as they 
answer unrehearsed interview questions, revealing important qualities a resume simply can't convey.

- Overcome scheduling conflicts, allowing multiple hiring managers to view interviews at their convenience regardless of time and prior schedules.

- View interviews anytime, anywhere from an intuitive and secure internet dashboard, in addition to sharing your ratings and comments on each candidate, significantly reducing manual tasks.

- Improved Compliance: even an initial telephone interview does not guarantee who is answering the questions.

- Increase candidate interest and commitment: a more professional process creates a more professional perception.

- Hire the right talent before competitors, by shortening your recruitment process and getting the right talent directly in front of your hiring managers first in today's competitive job search.


Flexible Option: Use our video interviews to replace any stage of your interviewing process and enhance your traditional methods. Standardize the interview format and ensure that all candidates for a particular position answer the same questions, and are benchmarked in the same manner. This is ideal for permanent and  executive search.

Custom White Label Solution/Branded: Our Video Interviews can be branded with your company logo.

Boost Your Green Credentials: It's an unfortunate fact that being environmentally friendly in business often costs money. But the beauty of RiteResumes' video Interview service is that it is cost negative: by leveraging our innovative recruitment approach you both reduce your company's carbon footprint and save your senior staff valuable time and money by eliminating time wasted interviewing the wrong candidates. So join us on our greener path and revolutionize the hiring process. Let us help you reduce your carbon footprint one interview at a time and get one step closer to becoming carbon neutral. 

We provide immediate and measurable productivity gains to our clients.

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